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Beyond Nora

  • The Nora is a ancient southern folk tale that originated from the Patalung province.
  • A long time ago, the princess of Patalung had a very strange dream.
  • She dream that a beautiful angel was dancing in front of her in 12 postures.
  • Amazingly, when she awoke she could remember everything about the dance - even the melody of the instruments.
  • So she decided to call in all her servants to recreate the enchanting dance and tunes everyday.
  • One day the princess became awed at a lotus flower. Curious about its taste, she ate it. Soon after, she found out she was pregnant.

When her father, the King, found out - he was furious at his daughter's seeming promiscuity. He banished all the 30 servants and his
dearest daughter, the princess. He set them off on raft with some supplies and let float away.

Luckily the princess and her loyal subjects was marooned on a nearby island. No one was hurt from the journey.

They then settled down at that peaceful island while the soon princess gave birth to a baby boy. 
They continued to practice the enchanting dance which they now called the Nora...
The princess taught her son the dance which has become a large part of her life.
When the boy turned 10 years old, he could dance Nora more gracefully than the others. 
He began to ask questions about his father and his mother's father. Heartbroken, the princess told him her past.

Upon learning that his grandfather was still alive, the young man pleaded to leave the island in search of his family.

During his journey, the prince and his entourage stopped over many little islands and performed the enchanting dance of 12 poses. Soon, the news of the graceful and handsome prince spread throughout the kingdom that even the King himself heard of this fabled dance.

The King who was curious about the young man, came to watch the prince during one of his performances.

There the King found out the truth behind his daughter, whom he had sent off to the wind decades ago. The King fell to his knees and asked the prince to bring his mother, the King's only daughter, back to him.

The King sent servants to bring back the long lost princess. The reunion was celebrated with 7 days and 7 nights of dancing and merrymaking.

Welcome one and all to the lovely island of Samui and the Nora Resorts & Hotels, Samui is a picture book island of great beauty and is very special to us, it was the place where we were born said Mr. Narongsak and Mrs Thanomsri Rattanarak President & CEO Nora Resorts & Hotels. It makes us very happy that the Nora Resorts & Hotels are growing fast with two luxury resorts, we have spun the south's charming hospitality and cuture into our brand new resort first class service at Nora Buri Resort &Spa, relaxed ambience and ancient folk lore at the establishment resort since 2003, name as our first Nora Beach Resort & Spa is a celebration of Koh Samui and the traditional hospitality of sounthern Thailand become to be the local resorts & hotels group with two others sister designed hotel Nora Chaweng Hotel and the conveniencely hostel Nora Lakeview Hotel to serve travellers who loves in color of life and in the place to comfort with surrounding of shopping and entertainment places by walking distance, Nora Chaweng Hotel and Nora Lake view hotel will ready to serve visitors from all over....

In time we will establish further resorts on the island so that through responsible the island beauty can be preserved for generations to come. so, allow us to extend our welcome to all future visitors to Samui and All Nora Resorts & Hotels. After even a brief stay. we are sure that you will Love Samui and love us, the local resorts & Hotels group with managed by relatively Samui's people, this is beyond the finest service and warm ambiance....this is beyond Nora.